I haven’t had time to shoot any target shots this year and bow season was already in effect. I rushed over to the target and flung 2 or 3 down range, yep, still on target. Time to go hunting, so I quickly loaded up the vehicle and sped off.

Yeah, I am here, Grab my bag and slip on the camo and boots. Get the rest of my gear on and something is missing…my bow, I left it home. Drive it like a bank robber style home, grab the bow, and back to the wood


Everyone has a favorite brand just like anything else and some go for the newest and greatest each year. My bow isn’t the newest high tech hunting star, in fact it has pretty basic equipment. I have limb savers, string silencers, and yes a whisker biscuit, it has what it needs nothing more.

The good ol’ PSE Fitzgerald, yep, that’s the one I bought used and ben shooting since. I only have a draw weight of 45 pounds or so. It’s a pretty light bow but 30 yards is still smoking however 40 yards seems a little lofty but accurate.


No bow can do it’s job without an arrow and there are plenty of options. I use some carbon fiber blackout brand arrows. They were on sale at Bass Pro Shop when I bought them. Bring your bow with you because they will measure and cut them for you in store.

You cant just shoot an arrow without a tip, won’t do much. Target tips are great for practice but you will need some kind of broadhead. I use a 100 grain muzzy broadhead, it flies nice. I am not sure i want to go mechanical or not, time will tell.


It was an exciting day so far, and in my rush, still had not removed the tags from my new pants and shirt. I have always had the same outfit, a mossy oak brand sweatpants and shirt, oversized to slip over my normal clothes. This year I had a new mossy oak long sleeve tee and new camo pattern cargo pants.

Of course the whole ensemble is not complete without boots. I have always opted for a tall rubber boot because I hunt a lot of swampy area. A wide brim camo hat to conceal my head, pulled down over my mossy oak face mask and neck gator. Oh wow, with all this camo my bare hands are like neon, mossy oak gloves to the rescue.


Now let’s talk about us wonderfully scented humans, nature thinks we smell funny. First things first, I had already hot showered without soap to clean my scent. I also like to use the scent killer gold deodorant. My clothing gets sprayed with a cover scent. I happen to rely on, wildlife research centers, killer autumn scent.

Our next smell is… yep, attractants. So i already hid my smell so no it’s time to lure them in. Do pee is a great attractant to lure in bucks to mate, buck pee is available if you want to bring out the fighting buck. I opted for this year for the code red 3 pack estrous urine. I dunked a string in the bottle, dragged it on the ground to right in front of my stand, and tossed it on a low branch.

The finale

The moment has come, I waited out the button head, here comes the meaty 4 pointer. I let the arrow fly and score the double lung smackdown. After about 20 minutes or so I climbed down to assess the scene. Nothing, no blood at all, I began scouring the area, nothing. Finally where it had jumped into the next patch of woods, blood spray, he was spraying it all out.

After a short 50 yard tracking excursion He was down and dead. With a little help, got the deer dragged out of the woods. With my trusty Winchester fixed blade gut hook knife, the deer was dressed. With a little help from the john deer we got the deer loaded and off to the processor.

Here is a great beginner bow, It’s well built and very reliable. The Junxing compound bow makes for a great target bow or amazing for hunting. Give it a try, you’ll be hooked!


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  1. Shooting in the woods with a bow and arrows can be a lot of fun. I like the way you described your last experience. From your description of your bow and arrow to your dress, you helped me see how the event went. Targeting your meaty and hitting it down looks like a result of a great experience. Looking to reading more from your desk

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