You just can’t go wrong owning a shotgun. Shotguns are such a well balanced gun, they come in many calibers and shell types. You can do anything from shooting paper or clay targets to taking down large game animal.

Besides hunting, shotguns are utilized in other appications. People also use shotguns for home protection. Military and police also incorporate shotguns when needed, they are very effective short range weapons. Beyond civilian use there are even special rounds that can be used such as tear gas, bean bag, rubber slugs. The military even has mini grenade rounds used in battle.


Well, what size shotgun do you want? most common answer would be 12ga maybe 20ga but not as popular as it once was. These two will ensure you have a greater variety of ammunition available. Going bigger would be the 10ga, not as common but actually popular amongst goose hunters.

Shotguns also come in smaller sizes too, offering more sporting small game hunting. The 410ga is an favorite, this mini slug gun shoots like a rifle. Also with this round, many options are available. I personally own the next on the list, the 16ga. I have the Mossberg bolt action, 2 round magazine, fully adjustable choke 16ga. It shoots like a dream too. There is also the next size up, the 28ga. Other than seeing ammo, I havent seen a gun but they are out there.


What do you intend to hunt will determine the barrel you want to have on your shotgun. A smooth bore is traditional proving opportunity to use a variety of bird shot, buck shot, all game loads, even slugs. The all in one gun so to speak. In order to compensate for smooth bores ammunition manufacturers rifled the slug. My favorites are Winchester 3 inch rifled hollow points.

Some would prefer more precision in a deer slug. In order to achieve accuracy the barrels were rifled. This provided more spin which flew straighter and further. The sabot designed slugs fly more rifle like than the average slug.

Semi auto or pump?

Semi auto because I’m too lazy too pump, haha, or as they saying goes. Semi auto does provide faster shot times due too less action from pumping. For some people this is the only way too go, just pull the trigger and shoot. Accuracy does suffer while firing high speed with semi auto shotguns.

When you here the click-click you know its rock and roll time. The sound of a shell being chambered in a shotgun has broat fear too many. So it’s true you have to pump each round of a shotgun but with practice your speed wont suffer. The pump action is much more reliable and less likely to fail. Even Police and military prefer the pump shotgun in service.

Iron sight vs Scope

The simplicity of aiming a shotgun, put the ball on target and bang. It’s pretty simple, not hard to figure our. Some shotguns have a slotted rear sight So they aim like aevery other rifle. This kind of sight is still very basic and can be mastered by anyone

Technology has brought us up to speed with shotgun scopes. Let’s talk first about a red dot scope. Pretty easy to use, once sighted in just put the dot on and shoot. Long range scopes play into the big picture, giving hunters the ability to make precision shots at longer ranges.

Tactical vs Practical

Nothing wrong with keeping a basic shotgun, the less you add on the less will malfunction. Keeping it practical dosn’t meen bare. Equip with non mechanical things like slings which make it easier to carry in the field. I use my Mossberg Maverick 88 for most anything. I keep it practical with just a nice sling and a shell holder on the butt stock,

Now, let talk tactical, the sky is the limit as far as what you can convert to. whether you use pumps or semi auto you can go tactical. Pistol grips, folding stocks, and extended magazines for some models. Not limited to the model are accesories such as, laser sights, tactical lights including night vision and thermal scopes. Some places even allow factory made tactical shotguns and fully automatic shotgunsto be used by the public. The Saiga 12ga comes to mind, the AR platforms also come in shotgun, or join the miltary and get an aa12.

No matter what your flavor is, I have a high quality sling for your shotgun. This thing is tough and durable. Let’s face it having the extra cordage can be a lifesave too.

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  1. This is a very informative post on shotguns and the different types that are available. Although guns can be dangerous if it is used by the wrong people with the wrong intentions, is also serves a very useful purpose. If you live in the outback or in areas where you might encounter poisonous snakes or dangerous animals, you will indeed benefit from having a gun. 

    It is very helpful to know that the pump action shotgun is more reliable, and even favored by the police. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on shotguns. 

  2. I’ve always wondered how it’s like firing or owning a shotgun. The only time I get to do that via video games and from what I’ve learned so far, shotguns have a great damage especially at close range unlike assault riffles which are for far range. I think it will be fulfilling if I get to experience that feeling in real life.

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