Hello everyone and welcome to the Hillbilly Outpost. In the old days we had to take long journeys to get the supplies we needed, sometimes months battling hostile terrain and weather. Now here we are in 2022 and the outpost is still far away but the journey is just one click.


We are deep into deer season now and there is still time to take home meat with the shotgun before muzzle loading starts. Everyone has their certain boots, specific camo pattern, cover scents, and some of us heated socks, haha. Do you prefer the old tried and true shotgun, or those long distance rifle shots? Should you go up in the tree stand or sit in a ground blind? Aww man, so many choices to make and so few deer tags!


It just took that one time as a kid to catch a fish and you were hooked, oh cool, I used a fishing pun. Remember the first little bait casting pole with the little red and white bobber, boom, there’s a little sunny.

Great times and then you graduated to an open faced spin casting reel. Then you discovered lures, and soon after the joy of a fighting bass. the fishing fever has hit hard, followed with the fly fishing, deep sea fishing, and any other thing God or man created to haul in a lunker.


Archery can cover many things in the bow shooting community. There is traditional archery using longbows or recurve bows, some using traditional wooden arrows or stone broadheads. most modern people will still want a good carbon fiber arrow and a really sharp broadhead.

Most people that hunt with a bow use a compound bow, most equipped with the newest sights or arrow rests followed up with high tech releases, down to a fancy string silencer. the newest craze is the crossbow, it’s been around for a long time bust has made quite the modernized comeback, boasting high speeds and great accuracy at longer distance.


Everyone know the old saying, “camping is in tents”, lol, and it brings us as close to nature as we can be. Camping is very diverse, do we need a tent or sleep under the stars? Campgrounds with cabins or pulling up the motorhome. Camp grills, lanterns, coolers, and so much more is available for any kind of camping trip. Don’t forget the graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars, let get those smores cooking.


Prepping goes hand in hand with a lot of outdoor activities. It is good to have a food back up plan, long term storage is just as important as just having those freeze dried MRE’s for a weekend camping trip. Vacuum seal bags and canning jars are widely used for food storage. buying survival foods that are pre packed is a good way to go about it.

Gardening using heirloom seed in a greenhouse or hydroponics system. so much to think about, generators, fuel, batteries, solar panels or windmills? That bunker isn’t worth s**t if it is not stocked, get prepped!!!

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  1. I did much the same but started with a PSE bow and alluminmum arrows until I set one in a tree at the club while were trying to shoot 80 yards.Now I make sure to that white elephant out of the room right off the bat. Hey thats my great shot…lol. I am now shooting a more updated Diamond infinity with carbon fiber arrows.

  2. Very very interesting and honestly I needed this informations cause I’ll be making a trip in the next week, I’ll keep in mind all of your advices and things you put your time and efforts into it, keep posting content and never give up man, thank you again and good luck.

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